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"We need one foot in the past and one in the future"

[Dizzy Gillespie, jazz musician, 1917-1993]




(giving time to time) TAT is an international festival of musical performances, multimedia and social actions: concerts, videos, exhibitions, installations, workshops, meetings with artists, sound walks...



Around twenty artists, coming from: France, Germany / Portugal, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom / USA and, of course, from Belgium (many of them from Molenbeek).



It starts from the same premises that have characterized TEMPO AL TEMPO since its first edition in 2015, to arrive today to face a particular territory - Molenbeek - with which we will try to interact to the maximum.


The premises: # wonder about the TIME in which we live and, starting from ourselves and our human and artistic journey, to counteract if possible a flattening on the present # get out of the comfort zone and experiment. Fearless. Facing other disciplines, other approaches, other horizons ... Mixing people, paths, media, sounds, images, stories... # share with the largest number of people our passion for improvisation and experimentation : artistic expressions that are wrongly often perceived as elitist and 'difficult' but which, on the contrary, predispose to listening and mutual respect.


Today more than ever, learning to listen - and listen deeply - is fundamental. TAT_2018 intends to trigger a real listening process to achieve a real understanding of people, of the environment around us and, by extension, of the increasingly complex dynamics of today's world. 


This is why we have dedicated this edition of the festival to "THE SOUND OF TODAY". For us, sound is a kind of metronome of time. In our time. It keeps intact, if we know how to listen, its emotional charge erased (or polluted) elsewhere by too many images, too many written words (in social media, in our smartphones, by the omnipresent advertising in our cities) ... the time of sound becomes space. To what do we want to dedicate this space-time? (Our space: in this time which is ours.) 


From 16 to 25 September: before the festival, few participatory initiatives will be launched (workshops, sound-scaping...). Objective: to promote artivism and improvisation by involving local artists, associations and the public. On Sunday 16 September the TAT Group fully participates to the cultural and environmental Festival de l'Espoir in the streets of Molenbeek. We will play our music there but not only!

26, 28 and 29: the sound-walks: starting from the 26th all around Molenbeek there will be small apéro-concerts (lunch time), two participatory performances, and two exhibitions. The merry brigade of the artists and the public will discover the local sounds involving various places in the neighborhood; see the sound walks page here.

27, 28 and 29: the evening concerts: modular and easy to read, offers three tracks: one for each day of the festival. In the first, we start from us, from the PRESENT moment (the voice, the words...), then - the second day - we launch ourselves into the FUTURE (electronics play a role here): experimenting becomes more explicit, we take risks, maybe we make mistakes... finally we throw ourselves into the third day where there is an urgent need to re-read the PAST. Here, "the tradition is alive and struggles with us" to paraphrase a slogan of '68. In the sense that it is far from being embalmed in its 'glorious past': it is reassuring, provides points of support for disoriented people TODAY; not disdaining the steps forward towards the TOMORROW, but remaining aware of what was YESTERDAY. In short, the perfect model!



Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale (evening concerts + installations); La Fonderie (installations, performances); Athénée Royal Serge Creuz (participatory performance); Place Communale (participatory performance); Jardin Majorelle + the sound-walks




Organised by: EXIT_LAB / Collectif INaudible

Supported by: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB)


Contact: Pat Lugo, GSM 0475 566607 – -

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