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The festival TEMPO al TEMPO (give time to time) was conceived and organized by EXIT_LAB in collaboration with the Collectif INaudible, an association present on the Brussels and international scene for more than 40 years.

EXIT_LAB - 'Experimental International Transit' is a research laboratory, an informal platform, a specific place in Anderlecht (EXIT_LOFT). Founded fifteen years ago by Pat Lugo and Marco Loprieno (members since 15 years of INaudible), it is associated with the international dimension of Brussels and with the particular situation of transition that we live. Artivism is the reference concept of all our projects: not art for art, but life itself as a form of art (the only possible one). Our artistic path supports and promotes the transition to a sustainable and inclusive society.

EXIT_LAB promotes the practice of improvisation in music, arts and culture in general. In doing so, it prefers improvisation called 'free', or more exactly 'open' - where freedom is not an objective for itself, nor a starting point, but rather a method to follow in accompanying the movement of life.


TEMPO al TEMPO (TAT) is an international festival of music performances, social actions: concerts, videos, exhibitions, installations, workshops, meetings with artists, sound walks...

Since 2015, EXIT_LAB + INaudible have been organizing annually in Brussels the international festival TAT, partly financed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB).

Since its first edition, TAT has been trying to get out of traditional places of so-called avant-garde or experimental culture to reach a wider audience. In doing so, TAT facilitated the relationship between the artists' sensibility and the reality of the territory where the festival takes place (Brussels), also considering the particular historical moment we are experiencing: globalization; migratory flows; the ecological crisis; the crisis of the progressive left; the rise of nationalist and xenophobic right movements...

From 2016, TAT took place along the canal that runs through Brussels and interested, in particular, the municipalities of Anderlecht and Molenbeek. Hence the development of the concept of "
Canal Fluxusand the organization of concerts and shows in the territory of the two municipalities.

We organized concerts, performances and installations in unorthodox places such as the Les Abatoires market, a laundry room, an abandoned area in Anderlecht, the Bel Mundo social restaurant, the La Fonderie museum, the canal docks in Molenbeek, and the Caesar de Pape Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in downtown Brussels...

Contacts with the media: Pat Lugo,, GSM +32 475 566 607

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