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sound walks


Molenbeek, September 26-28-29


These are spontaneous parades of artists and ordinary citizens who will walk quietly to discover the neighborhood, its history and its cultural and social assets. Objective: listen to sounds, sometimes record them (in the mind or on a digital medium), and also play with others, causing acoustic interference.

All the Sound Walks will take place between 2.00pm and 6.00pm / 6.30pm. However, the timetable may be subject to minimal adjustments. Follow us on social media: we will keep you informed.



26.09  Molenbeek reinvents itself: the metaphor of the Canal,

           from frontier to place of aggregation

[01. departure] uZinne > Molenbeek locks > Quai du Hainaut (1), Meininger Hotel / MIMA / Bel Mundo > Quai du Hainaut (2) > Maison d'Artistes Cheval Noir > Quai du Hainaut (3) > Ch Bridge Ghent / Dansaert > [01. arrival] Le Phare du Kanaal

The route of the first Sound Walk of TAT_2018 takes place along the Canal. The choice is not trivial. In opening, the festival wants indeed to solicit a reflection on PRESENT: "Time becomes space, to learn from each other, to recognize the environment around us". The Canal is a good starting point and also a good metaphor: the flowing water is never the same. It is composed of what it gathered yesterday and seeks the passage to what will be tomorrow...

We chose to cover the section that goes from the locks of Molenbeek to Boulevard Léopold II. Along the Quai du Hainaut, we will stop at specific places to listen and record sounds, read poetry, interact with the environmental sound around us playing small sounds. The longest stage, which is also a small deviation from the canal, will be at the Maison d'Artistes 'Cheval Noir'. We will see where some of the artists invited to the festival live and we will try to interact in an improvised concert: a little anticipation as a gift.


28.09  Molenbeek reinvents itself: passing the baton to the younger ones,

           innovating, growing up in peace

[02. departure] Metro Comte de Flandre (exit: Commune) > Athénée Royal Serge Creuz* > MolenGeek > The Valley / SMART > Maritime Community Center (CCM) / MolemBike > CCM / Radio Marittime > [02. arrival] Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale

For the route of the second TAT_2018 Sound Walk, we have selected some of Molenbeek's iconic landmarks. Forges to build the FUTURE, hopefully a better one, especially for those who still have some way to go.

The first stage is a special school, the Athénée Royal Serge Creuz: in some classes, the vast majority of students do not speak French. Some are asylum seekers and live in the neighboring reception center; others are children of migrants - mainly of Maghreb origin. Not far from here, we will visit places where technological and social innovation has tried to propose some alternatives. Finally, for our last stop, we are invited to the Centre Communautaire Maritime for the "Grand apéro de la rentrée". The CCM supports the socio-cultural development of the Maritime district and works to strengthen social action through participatory community action. This is where Radio Maritime is based, among others. A voice that gives voice to everyone and using a medium, radio, which remains an easy and very effective way to counter the compulsive use of social networks.

29.09  Molenbeek reinvents itself: industrial archeology

           and urban agriculture

[03. departure] MIMA cafeteria > Groot Eiland vegetable garden > Saint Martin street > Majorelle garden > Jardin de La Roue > La Fonderie > (return via: Prado street > Place Communale > Rue Comte de Flandre > Parvis St-Jean-Baptiste > Eugène Laermans Street > [03. arrival] Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale

Did you know that in every city there are places where you feel like you're getting into a time machine? Just advance one block and ... puff, magic! Leaving the shopping street full of shops, cars and pollution you will find yourself in another era. Your ear is the first to benefit. Close your eyes and listen. The classic noises of the city come from far, stifled. Nature (even if it is domesticated) takes over. How do you feel? What sounds do you notice first? Memorize them; they could be useful for evening concerts.

This Sound Walk brings together spaces that only the passion of the inhabitants has been able to transform radically: deposits of illegal waste, neglected cadastre, uncultivated land - formerly the bed of the river Senne - in the shadow of social housing, transformed into beautiful community gardens. Today, the tradition of the vegetable garden is reinterpreted in a contemporary and often collective way. We return to nature, even in the city. Nature, moreover, thinks itself to take back massively the city: for example, by occupying the spaces abandoned by the industry. The need to know, respect and reconsider the PAST: is the theme of the last day of the festival. 'La Fonderie' is a virtuous example of transforming an industrial archeology site into a magnet for the neighborhood and the world: a place where history, nature and contemporary society rub shoulders with happiness.

Adresses (1080, Molenbeek)


Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion social (MCCS): Rue Mommaerts 4

La Fonderie: Rue Ransfort, 27

Jardin Majorelle: Rue Fin, 5

Jardin de La Roue: Rue Fin, 34

Potager Groot Eiland: Quai du Hainaut, 41-43

Maison d’artistes: Rue du Cheval Noir, 17

Le Phare du Kanaal: Quai des Charbonnages, 40

L’uZinne: Quai de l’Industrie, 75

MIMA: Quai du Hainaut, 39-41

MolenGeek: Place de la Minoterie, 10

La Vallée: Rue Adolphe Lavallée, 39

Centre Communautaire Maritime (CCM): Rue Vandenboogaerde, 93

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